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firearm sniper m700
firearm sniper m700
firearms m700700P™No window is too narrow. When lives are at stake, precision at the moment of opportunity is everything. Precisely why Remington rifles are the #1 choice in the line of duty. The world-renowned accuracy of our Model 700 rifles will make you the master of any long-ranger tactical situation. When the safety of others rests in your hands, one of these should too. firearms m700USR™The Urban Sniper Rifle is designed for the modern day operator who needs advanced capabilities to perform his mission. The USR is the pinnacle of Model 700 tactical rifle development. It begins with the superb Model 700 LTR™ (Light Tactical Rifle) then adds essential tactical components such as a detachable box magazine, MARS rail, variable power optics, adjustable stock, muzzle break, optional sound suppressor and bipod. firearms 700 fed700 FEDThe 700 Federal is based upon the legendary M24 Sniper Weapons System (SWS) and features a host of significant modern upgrades. This system is designed for the professional operator who needs a versatile precision weapon system. firearms 700 export700 EXPORTThe 700 XP is a superb target and tactical rifle. It incorporates many of the components found on much more expensive systems at an affordable price. This rifle uses the time and combat proven M24 Sniper Weapon System (SWS) barrel and composite stock.
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