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ammunition carbine frangibleFRANGIBLEDisintegrator® Jacketed Frangible

Disintegrator® jacketed Frangible Ammo is a totally lead-free and heavy-metal-free, frangible training load for realistic, safe, and cost-effective training and qualification programs. Bullet contruction is a high strength metal particle core sealed in a jacket that instantly breaks up when impacting steel targets or backstops, leaving harmless metal particles and small pieces of thin jacket.

Why Disintegrator® is the leader in lead-free ammunition:

• Completely lead-free and heavy-metal-free for practice, competition and law enforcement use where airborne lead or spent lead recovery is an issue.

• Lead-free and heavy-metal-free priming mix provides clean, instantaneous ignition, while special powder blends enhance velocities to simulate the felt recoil and point of impact of standard lead-core bullets.

• Superior accuracy is achieved through a precise manufacturing process that produces precise bullet concentricity.

• Disintegrator® ammunition reduces wear and damage to bullet traps and steel backstops as well as collateral damage to range fixtures

• Nothing is left after impact but harmless metal particles and small pieces of thin copper plate or copper jacket

• Disintegrator® bullet profiles are based on field-proven Remington designs fo reliable feed and function in a wide range of firearms

• Disintegrator® ammunition is perfect for a wide range of applications from training to special-duty use.
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