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ammunition pistol revolver disintegratorDISINTEGRATOR®No one equips you for perfect practice like Remington, which is why we’re the top choice for government agencies everywhere – in the field and on the range. Disintegrator lead free frangible ammunition is a technological breakthrough in bullet construction that offers totally lead free, no-ricochet performance, with point of impact and felt recoil equivalent to standard lead core pistol ammunition. In accuracy performance, it is as good or better than the best duty ammo. Disintegrator frangible bullets feature a high strength compaction formed core, completely sealed in a jacket of electroplated copper. The metal powder core construction creates a bullet that easily withstands the forces and pressures of firing, while providing instant and complete frangibility against hard surfaces. The copper plating on Disintegrator bullets provide a smooth ductile jacket that enhances feed and function in all autoloading pistols, minimizes bore fouling, and virtually eliminates barrel erosion. Only 0.005” thick, it is enough for rifling engraving, but too thin to ricochet. Disintegrator bullets are made of compressed metal particles shaped into standard profile 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP specifications. Disintegrator core is completely protected with hard copper plate. Manufacturing process produces highly concentric core for excellent accuracy.DISINTEGRATOR® - 357 MAG DISINTEGRATOR® - 9mm LUGER (+P) DISINTEGRATOR® - 38 SPECIAL (+P) DISINTEGRATOR® - 357 SIG DISINTEGRATOR® - 40 S&W DISINTEGRATOR® - 45 AUTO
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